Warringah Advisors provides finance, operations, and management consulting.

Warringah as a trusted advisors and business partner to CEOs, business owners, and investors strives to identify financial and operational risks,mitigate those risks, and restore business operations to optimal performance.


Restructuring & Turnaround

Interim Management
Strategic Planning & Execution
Program Management
Performance Improvement
Finance & Operations

Warringah focuses on delivering results to stakeholders.

Whether seconded into a business on a short-term basis as an interim executive or a consultant, our objective remains the same.  Fix business challenges and provide direction and processes for future success post engagement.

Warringah specializes in GSD.


Warringah is an aboringal word from the Kuringgai language meaning “across the waves”.  Our company founder formative years were spent in Warringah Shire an area in Sydney Australia’s northern surburbs.  He too, has come from across the waves.


Warringah is about NOW, we identify challenges, FIX them, restore OPERATIONS and LEAVE.

Finance & Operations Optimization

Restructuring & Turnaround

Interim Management

Program Management

Performance Improvement

Change Management


Warringah’s teams combine finance, operations, legal and technical professionals to deliver the required solution.

Managing Director Tom Guilfoy is a hands-on leader focused on business plan execution, operational and financial optimization
removing barriers and obstacles impeding success.  His expertise is delivering strategic initiatives, driving profitability, orchestrating
turnarounds, and business process improvement yielding growth.


During his career Tom has gained extensive mutli-industry experience spanning startups to multinational corporations in General Aviation, Defense & Aerospace, and Financial Institutions leading cross-functional management, finance, sales, and technology teams.


Tom holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Washington, and a Master’s degree in International Business from St. Mary’s
College of California.

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