Everyone has a number

“What gets measured, gets done”, vitally important for all businesses, and indispensable for small and medium sized businesses. With measurement comes accountability. Accountability for all, everyone. Effective accountability means there are no “untouchables”, no one is off-limits. Measurement needs visualization, and that is achieved with a scoreboard. The linkage for transparency and success comes with “everybody having a number”, and that number is measured on the scorecard, and individuals are held accountable for their number.

Implemented effectively a level playing field is created with effectiveness and cohesion restored to the team.

Eight distinct advantages for assigning everyone a number

1. Numbers cut through murky subjective communication between manager and direct reports.
2. Numbers create accountability.
3. Accountable people appreciate numbers.
4. Numbers create clarity and commitment.
5. Numbers create competition.
6. Numbers produce results.
7. Numbers create teamwork.
8. You solve problems faster.

Read more about in Gino Wickman’s book, Traction – Get a grip on your business.